Traditional Bone-In Ham

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Whole Bone-In Ham Weight:
15-17 lbs
Cooking Instructions:
Our boneless hams are fully cooked, sugar cured and hickory smoked. Just slice and serve for full flavor with no waste.

Hickory Smoked and cooked slowly for tenderness, this is our original ham that Mr. Burge started the family business with. All of our hams begin like this; we then slice, pepper or debone. So, if you want the best without all the extras, this is your ham. It’s so moist and delicious! 

Cooking Instructions: Our hams may be thawed in the refrigerator. No preparation is necessary. Just slice and serve slightly chilled. If you choose to enjoy your ham warm, preheat your oven to 325 degrees. Remove plastic bag and wrap ham tightly in foil. Heat approximately one hour. When ready, your ham will be warm, not hot. Be care not to over cook your ham. Remember, it is already fully cooked and cured, will dry out and lose its great flavor if over cooked.

If you decide to serve your ham glazed, the Honey Glazing flavors will be enhanced if you glaze the ham 24 hours prior to serving.