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  Mary -  Conway, AR
I grew up in Bradley so Burge's has always been a part of my vocabulary. It was great when you opened a store in Little Rock now that I live in Conway. I can still feel like I'm close to home when I have the best turkey and ham sandwiches. You guys are great and I tell everyone I know about growing up with you.

Katrina -  Oakland, CA
Holiday Greetings, I had my first experince with Burge's smoked turkey this Christmas '2003'. My aunt in Texarkana Arkansa shipped my mother a smoked turkey and it was the best and I mean the best that I have ever had. If you taste just one little piece, it will have your taste buds jumping all over the place to where you will eat more and more and more. Wow!!!!!

Missy -  Jacksonville Beach, FL
WOW! I grew up in Arkansas, and my family really knows how to smoke meats, BUT when I moved away and my mother sent me those amazing chickens from y'all.....AMAZING....I've never eaten better..anything! For the past few years I have requested your products as our Christas presents, now all of my Florida friends complain that there is nowhere here that has food as good.

Harry -  Sheridan, AR
Your smoked turkeys are great! The web site is very nice. Great pictures and infomation. Easy to use site.

Phil -  San Jose, CA
I was having 24 plus guests over for Thanksgiving, I needed a ham (and fast). Loved the picture of the 15 lb. bone in ham, and made the order. Best ham I ever had, (I was the hit of the party)as a matter of fact for this Christmas, I am getting ready to order more (ham, turkey, etc). Can't wait!